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The Creation Of Wellbeing Physiotherapy

The creation of Wellbeing Physiotherapy

Hi and welcome!

For our first attempt at blogging, we thought we would introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about how our business was created and how it works. Cathy and I first met at the school nursery taster day for our daughters (although she doesn’t remember me). I vividly remember thinking “how tall is that family?!” A few months later the girls started nursery and we began to speak briefly at drop offs, pickups and the obligatory play at the park afterwards.

Fast forward a year and our girls were starting Reception. Over that year we became good friends. I learned about Cathy’s job at the NHS as a women’s health physio and I was about ready to pop out my third child in 5 years. I had been thinking a lot about what I wanted to do when I went back to work eventually, and Cathy had a vision of running her own women’s health business so she could reach more people. The more we talked about our dreams for the future, the more we realised we could do a lot of good if we joined forces… so we did! That’s how Wellbeing Physiotherapy was created.

I’m Rachael and I’m The Wellbeing Mama. I will be offering fitness classes geared towards women, but more specifically mothers. These will be all about learning how to exercise safely no matter what stage of life you are in. Cathy is The Wellbeing Physio. She will be offering private pelvic health physio appointments, as well as programmes aimed at healing your body after pregnancy and childbirth and beyond.

We have some very exciting things in the works, and are so grateful you will be joining us as we look to help and inspire women to become the strongest, healthiest versions of themselves.

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