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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

Specialist postnatal treatment with a women’s health physiotherapist Catherine Campbell, offering a comprehensive postnatal examination and physiotherapy treatment plan looking at your posture, abdominal muscle separation and pelvic floor strength.

Pelvic health Physiotherapy is the assessment and therapeutic treatment of disorders affecting the pelvis, pelvic floor and core. It is often a whole body approach that is required.

Women’s health physiotherapists have specialist skills in evaluation and treatment to support women experiencing symptoms related to their pelvis and pelvic floor. You may have already made significant changes to your lifestyle to cope with your symptoms, changes that limit your sociability or effect your emotional wellbeing. And while your symptoms are entirely common, they are not an inevitability of childbirth or ageing and specialised treatment from a women’s health physio can be life-changing.

Testimonial from Patient (Anonymous).
“Catherine was very understanding and knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and explains what you need to know in a way you understand”.

Conditions Treated


®Urinary frequency & urgency
(including overactive bladder)

®Pelvic Organ Prolapse

®Pelvic pain

®Vaginal pain
(including vaginismus and vulvodynia)

(pain during intercourse)

®Perineal / episiotomy /c section scarring

®Pelvic floor muscle weakness / tightness


(gap between abdominal muscles following child birth)

®Gut health

®Peri/Post-Menopausal health

What will your appointment include?

1.5 hour Initial bespoke assessment with  Women’s health physiotherapist Catherine Campbell

Thorough holistic assessment, this may include internal assessment as well as postural movement and alignment check

Hands on assessment & treatment

Exercise, Nutrition and lifestyle Modification advice as required and tailored to you

Please wear Comfortable clothing to session


You can book your Women’s Health Physio appointment with Catherine via telephone on 0797 9208 937 or Email