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Group Classes

Baby Buggy and Me

This 6 week class is perfect for women who want to exercise with their children and meet other mums. It is a great way to ease into exercise,  improve your physical and mental health, and enjoy some fresh air.

Each session consists of a combination of the following

  • Walking
  • Circuits
  • Body weight exercises
  • Short sprints without prams/buggies (for mums who are recovered enough post partum)
  • Stretching
  • Diastasis Recti safe core exercises
  • Proper breathing techniques to engage deep core muscles
  • Appropriate low impact options to all exercises

(will come off total price if you sign up on the day)

Participants who are newly post partum must have their 6 week post birth or 10 week post C-section check first.

Each class will be held outdoors so if it’s raining wear the appropriate clothing and don’t forget your pram/buggy rain cover. In the case of snow, ice or very high winds, I will inform all participants and reschedule the session.

Note: There is no running whilst pushing prams/buggies as it is not safe for small children.

Cardio & Crunchless Core (Coming Soon)

Gone are the days of 2 hour workouts and long ab crunching sessions. Cardio & Crunchless Core will take you through a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout, followed up a short core routine that won’t involve a single crunch. During this class you will be taught how to engage your Transverse Abdominal (deep core) muscles, so you can finally start to shift that “mummy tummy”.

Cardio & Crunchless Core will have you working up a big sweat, and quickly gaining overall strength and conditioning.